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Zenith Art Symposium
Symposium on Modern and Contemporary Art
New Ends, Old Beginnings Catalogue
New Ends, Old Beginnings Catalogue
Zenith art projects are driven by a desire to continuously explore new and critical ways of engaging and discussing art practices from the Arab region and its Diaspora.
Our art projects include an exhibition on the theme of Arab Cities which Zenith developed. This resulted in a show entitled New Ends Old Beginnings at the Bluecoat Art Centre and Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool in 2008, as part of Liverpool Cultural Capital of Europe events. The show attracted over 16,000 visitors in 6 weeks.
Previously, we held a Symposium on Modern and Contemporary Art from the Arab Region at the Barbican Art Centre in 2004. The Symposium sought to engage with an audience of curators, art practitioners and funding bodies on issues relating to the representation of artists and works from the Arab region. The number and type of attendees reflected a willingness among art practitioners to find new ways of discussing and engaging with arts from the region.

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