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Weekly Television Programme (2012 – Ongoing Weekly Programme)

    Cinema Badila: Alternative Cinema on BBC Arabic TV


Mona Deeley of Zenith Foundation is engaged as a BBC producer for Cinema Badila.
Broadcast Schedule on BBC Arabic TV with live stream on their website:
Saturdays 19:06 GMT (20:06 London Summer Time) and repeats on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 22:06 GMT.
Cinema Badila gives Arabic alternative cinema exposure, for the first time, to a potential 25 million viewers. Broadcasting the films in full, Cinema Badila puts the spotlight on independent short films, showing a wide array of filmmaking styles and interests. Through films that are non-commercial and non-formulaic, the programme engages us with under exposed personal narratives, and movies that challenge us to rethink our preconceptions about cinema, or engage with urgent subject matters from unusual entry points. Cinema Badila also features interviews with directors and experts, as well as going behind the scenes to reveal the art of filmmaking, and update viewers with a round-up of cultural news.
In the first series, the programme completed 40 episodes and showcased 85 short films in full.
A selection of interviews from BBC Arabic TV’s Alternative Cinema programme are available HERE.
Please check out our call for submissions for information about making submissions to the Cinema Badila Series 2.
Cinema Badila Series 1
Some of the films broadcast on Cinema Badila between 28 April 2012 and 16 May 2013:
They Were Here, Ammar El Beik, Syria, 8 min
Sun’s Incubator, Ammar Al Beik, Syria, 2011, 12 min
Before Vanishing, Joude Gorani, Syria, 13 min
In Search of A City, Hala ElKoussy, Egypt. 2012 , 34 min
Tripoli, Quiet, Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia, Lebanon, 2009, 15 min
Short Scenes from a Long Marriage, Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia, Lebanon, 12 min
Na’im Wa Wadea, Najwa Najjar, Palestine, 1999, 20 min
The Flower Seller, Ihab Jadallah, Palestine, 2011, 18 min
L’Enfant-roi, Mohamad Houssine Groyoa, Tunisia, Animation, 30 min
L’Amboba, Nadia Rais, Tunisia, Animation, 7 min
A Candle for the Shabandar Cafe, Iraq, 2007, 25 min
Na’eem the Barber, Mohammad Na’im, 2010. Iraq. Documentary short, 12 min
Larissa Sansour Shorts/Palestine :
(1) Soup Over Bethlehem, 2006, 9 min (2) A Space Exodus, 5 min (3)Happy Days, 3 min (4) Tresspass The Salt, Larissa Sansour/Youmna Chlala. Palestine/Lebanon. 2011. Video Installation, 11 min (5) Sbara, 7 min
July Trip by Wael Nouredin, Lebanon, 2006, 35 min.
Bleu-Gris, Mohamed Al Roumi, Syria, 2004, 23 min
Maydoom, Omar Robert Hamilton, Egypt, 13 min
Preferring The Fleeting Happiness On Earth, Nadia Hoteit, Lebanon, 1.30min
Revenging the Astronaut, Rami Nihawi, 2007, Lebanon, 24 min
Rise & Shine, Sherif Al Bandary, Egypt, 2006, 9 min
Posthume, Ghassan Salhab, Lebanon, 28 min
Slippage (Mabni A’ala Al Sukun) Ali Cherri, Lebanon,11 min
Gamal Wa Amani, Hadil Nazmy, Egypt, 2011 17 min
Habibti, Nour Wazzi, 2010, 15 min 45 sec
In Their Blood, Katia Jarjoura, Lebanon, 2011, 31 min
Beirut Ma Betmout (Beirut does not die), Katia Jarjoura, Lebanon, 2006, 7.’30 min
Sabeel, Khaled Al Mahmoud, UAE,20 min
La Main Gauche, Fadil Choueika,Morocco, 20 min
Clean Hands Dirty Soap,Karim Fanous, Egypt, 25 min
The Rope, Morrocco, 15 min
Popiya, Samia Charkioui, Morocco, 20 min
Courte Vie, Adil Fadili, Morocco, 15 min
Echoes, Jean Dabbagh, Lebanon, 2011, 18 min, IESAV Student Film
The Final Division, Hana Kazim, Sharja University Graduation Project, 8 min, 2011
Anoesis, Cyril ARIS, Lebanon, 6 min
Muslimgause R.I.P., Hassan Khan, Egypt, 2010, 8 min
Jewel, Hassan Khan, Egypt, 2009, 6 min
Il Capo, Yuri Ancarani, Italy, 16 min
At the beginning, Sadri Jemail, Tunisia 19 minutes
Haneen, Osama Bawardi, Palestine, 18 min
Beiroot/Deyrouth, Chloe Mazlo. Lebanon/France. 2010. Short/animation. 17 min
Vanilia, Lena Merhej, Lebanon, animation, 7 minutes
Walking Distance, Shirin Abu Shakra, Lebanon,2009, animation, 12 min
High Heels, Fadi Haddad, Jordan, 2008, 19 min
Cicatrices, 2010, Mehdi Salmi, Morrocco, 16 min
The Cage, Husain Rifai, Bahrain, 25 min
Is this Honour?, Dalia Odeh, Jordan, 2011, 10 min
Kfarhaneem Inn, Anthony Chidiac, IESAV 2011, 20 min
As they say, Hisham Ayouch, Morocco, 13 min
AL Sindara (the Attic), Mohamad Shawky, Egypt, 19 min
ID 000 by Widad Shafakoj, Jordan, 17.24 min
Hold on my Glamorous, Shirin Abu Shaqra, Lebanon, 34 min
Copy Left, Ihab Jadallah, Palestine, 9 min,2011
Waltz with Asmahan, Samia Charkioui, Morocco, 2012
Land of the Heroes, Sahim Omar Khalifa, 18 min
Be Quiet, Sameh Zoabi, 18 minutes
The Shooter, Ihab Jadallah, 2007, 7 min
Check Point, Ruben Amar, 18 min Pal
Sled, Yassine Al Idrissi, 12 minutes, Morocco
Under the Wires, Agathe Dirani, Egypt, 6 min
E.D.L., Siska, Lebanon, 2011, 21 min
Zourouni Koulli Sana Marra (Visit Me Once a Year), Siska, Lebanon, 21 min
Les 4 Sources, Bouanani
6/12, Bouanani, Morocco, 1968, 18 min
Public Domain, Islam Kamal, Egypt, 10 minutes


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