MazaJ Festival 2010

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Main Events


Volatile Frequencies Conference
Thu 18 November from 9.30am at City University London, London


Volatile Frequencies Concert
Thu 18 November from 7.00pm at City University London, London


MazaJ Salon –
Recalibrating the Noise: is there a middle eastern sound art?

Sat 20 November from 5.30pm at Café Oto, London


Evening Concert at Café Oto
Sat 20 November from 8.00pm at Café Oto, London


Evening Concert at Café Oto
Sun 21 November from 7:00pm at Café Oto, London



Booking Information


Volatile Frequencies Conference: Free (Students) or £15 (inc. evening concert)


Volatile Frequencies Concert: £5


2 day MazaJ Festival pass:
£22 adv. only


Saturday MazaJ Salon: £5


Saturday MazaJ Concert:
£10 adv/£12 on the door


Sunday MazaJ Concert:
£10 adv/£12 on the door



Produced by


SAM (Sound and Music)
Zenith Foundation



Curated by


Zenith Foundation



Venue Partners


Cafe Oto
City University



Media Partner


The Wire



Supported by


LCACE (London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange)


Arts Council England



Mahmoud Refat

Mahmoud Refat (Egypt)

Mahmoud Refat is a Cairo-based sound artist, musician and founder of the 100COPIES label, the 100LIVE Electronic Music Festival and the 100RADIO Station.
Over the past five years working alongside other artists based in the city, Refat has been an active agent in establishing a unique experimental music scene in Cairo. His work has been released, installed in spaces and performed live. His discography includes Shift (Leerraum, 2004), The Physical Volume (Leerraum, 2005), Miramar (100COPIES, 2006), Mort Aux Vaches (Staalplaat, 2007), and Vinoise (Leerraum, 2008). During the past ten years, Refat has also produced music for film and theater. These collaborations include projects with Rimini Protokoll, Homma, and Bakka Theater.
“Meelkop meets Noto, Chartier meet Pan Sonic… For me an entirely new artist, but certainly someone to watch for the future.” – Vital Review (Germany)
“…there’s a real experimental character in the aural continuum that for functional reasons has been divided into seven tracks, all “untitled”. It’s a measured and neutral quality, perfectly fitting the standard of such productions, even if evidencing a non-linear, twisted and hypnotic approach that sports an even more mystic quality with the various added field recordings. It’s a continuous crackling of suspended and dreaming sounds.” Aurelio Cianciotta – neural.italy
“The art crowd in Beirut may remember Refat from his eloquent performance of Berlin: The Symphony of a Big City at the third edition of Ashkal Alwan’s Home Works Forum in 2005. In the style of Detroit DJ Jeff Mills crafting a soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Refat created a live electronic score for Walter Ruttman’s 1927 film, part of Refat’s ongoing research on urban documentaries from the 1920s through the 1940s.” Kaelen Wilson-Goldie – Daily Star (Lebanon)



Mahmoud Refat from album Mort aux vaches



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